Facebook Business Page (Optimisation)

(27 customer reviews)


We’re experts at optimising existing Facebook Business Pages, taking care of over 60 sections, settings and functions.

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27 reviews for Facebook Business Page (Optimisation)

  1. P Leech.

    Really impressed with my Facebook since its optimisation.

  2. Arnold S.

    Very friendly service that works!

  3. David G.

    Thanks for the help Shanice.

  4. J Frost.

    Very pleased with the results.

  5. Jack F.

    Thanks Team Social for fixing my Facebook.

  6. D Huckett.

    This really works.

  7. D Geest.

    Pleased with the optimisation of my Social Media!

  8. Melissa V.

    Team Social know their stuff!

  9. B Zao.

    This service was recommended by a friend of mine. I was sceptical at first but the results are there! Very happy customer and would highly recommend.

  10. G Mason.

    Highly Recommend this.

  11. Viv M.

    Thank you Team Social.

  12. Rowan A.

    Team Social really do live and breathe this stuff! Cheers guys!

  13. Alberto R.

    Great service! Thank you Shanice.

  14. D Lowe.

    After the audit, I went for the Social Media Optimisation. Worth every penny.

  15. Louise P.

    Glad I optimised.

  16. Kyle G.

    Sorted my Social Media. Cheers.

  17. Z Black.

    Amazing Results

  18. J Roberts.

    Great Optimisation for my page.

  19. Jim R.

    Referred by a friend! Thank you.

  20. C. Taylor

    Great work from Team Social. Highly recommend.

  21. K. King

    Good optimisation.

  22. S. McGuiness

    Thank you.

  23. B. Woods


  24. L. Bishop

    After my free audit, I opted for optimisation. Great result!

  25. Steve A.

    Excellent service. Well worth the money.

  26. P. Prole

    Great Work!

  27. Sarah H.

    Great stuff.

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